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No Baggage, Just Patience And A Plug

, , , | Right | CREDIT: andrethenewgiant | April 12, 2021

I am a copilot with one of my favorite captains, who happens to be black. We have just finished our day and are waiting at the airport curbside for our hotel pickup. A car pulls up and this older woman gets out, looks at my captain in uniform, and says:

Woman: “Well, aren’t you going to help get my luggage?”

I am shocked, but he quickly does this little shuffle dance and takes her luggage from the trunk, and the next thing I see is him trailing her, carrying her three pieces of luggage. He comes back a few minutes later with a big smile.

Captain: “I walked her luggage to the [Airline #1] check-in counter. You should have seen the look on the agent. The passenger pulled a dollar from her purse and attempted to tip me. I said, ‘No, thanks. I’m a pilot for [Airline #2]. Next time, I suggest you fly [Airline #2]; I don’t think [Airline #1] pilots are as generous.”

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