With No Bacon, Comes No Responsibility, Part 5

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(My partner and I are house-sitting for a family member. We decide to be lazy and order a pizza online for delivery from a local pizza joint. When we sit down to eat it, it is apparent that the bacon and basil we paid extra to receive are absent, so I call them to work out what to do. I don’t let injustices slide, even little ones.)

Me: “Hey there! I’ve just had my pizza delivered, and it didn’t come with the bacon and basil I added on.”

Worker: *after verifying my order and details* “We’re sorry about that. Let me just check with my manager.”

(I am on hold for literally eight and a half minutes.)

Worker: “We can credit you for when you next get pizza.”

Me: “Sorry, but we’re not from around here, so that won’t work. Can we just have the money refunded for the extras we didn’t receive?”

Worker: “Let me check.”

(They put me on hold for another three minutes.)

Worker: *very snarkily* “We can’t do that. It’s just like a dollar, though.”

Me: “It may not seem like much money, but that’s my money. It’s three dollars that I paid to your business for goods that I did not receive. The only solution I can think of is a refund for what I did not receive.”

Worker: *still heaps snarky* “Fine. I’ll check.”

(And they put me on hold for another few minutes.)

Worker: “We’ll get a delivery driver to bring your precious dollar, okay?” *hangs up*

(We then had to wait up for a delivery driver to receive our money — and not the right amount. All we wanted was what we paid for. It’s a shame that was too much to ask. And lady, it wasn’t my error, it was your business’s. There was almost enough saltiness in your demeanour to replace the bacon I ordered.)

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