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Ninten-dad Entertainment System

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(This is when the Nintendo Entertainment System first comes out. My parents not only feel I am responsible enough with school that I deserve a TV in my room, but they also get me a NES that comes with “Super Mario Brothers” and “Duck Hunt.” I play only when my homework is done and turn it off at nine pm on school nights because I don’t want it taken away. Dad comes in and starts playing and sometimes will be in my room at midnight or later, cursing as he gets killed by a Koopa yet again. Without fail, every school night, it is the same thing:)

Me: *trying to sleep* “Daddy! Go to bed! I have school tomorrow!”

Dad: *cursing up a blue streak as he “dies” yet again* “In a minute!”

(Finally, I complain to Mom, telling her how I’m not getting any sleep because of Dad always playing video games. Mom calls Dad and me for a family meeting.)

Mom: “From now on, no video games after ten pm on school nights!” *after a couple seconds* “And that goes for you, too, [My Name].”

(And that’s the story of how my dad was the first one in our family to be put on video game restriction.)

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