Ninja’s Are Aware Of Their Surroundings

| Learning | September 24, 2013

(In 10th grade, I finish geometry a few months early, so I read in class. Because of this, I notice things during note-taking that other students don’t, because they have their heads down. Our teacher has dropped his marker and bends down behind the podium to pick it up.)

Student #1: “Where did [Teacher] go?”

Student #2: “I don’t know. Did he leave?”

Student #1: “Wouldn’t he have told us?”

(I’m staring at them with a ‘really?’ look on my face, when our teacher jumps up from behind the podium.)

Teacher: “I’m a ninja.”

Student #3: “You disappeared!”

Teacher: “I figured I could disappear and no one would notice! I was right.”

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