Night Vision Might Be Good Too

, | | Right | May 13, 2008

(I’m selling a camcorder to a man and his girlfriend. The guy is clueless about cameras and the girl knows a little bit more.)

Guy: “I don’t really know too much about cameras, she knows more than I do. I just want something good.”

Me: “Well this one is good because…” *explaining*

Guy to girl: “Honey, do you understand any of this?”

Girl: “Yeah, don’t worry. I think I know what we want.”

Guy to me: “Look, if you had to choose a camera to take naked pictures of her *points to girlfriend*, which would you choose?”

Me: “Well…this one has a built in hard drive so you can tape for longer without changing tapes.”

(The guy’s phone rings and he leaves me alone with girlfriend.)

Girl: “Do you get that a lot?”

Me: “More than you would think.”

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  • Dsru Bin

    built in hard drive so you can tape for longer

    No. You can tape until you run out of tape, at which point you can no longer tape. Perhaps you can continue to record but that is very not the same thing as taping. Also, I’ve never heard of a camcorder that has tape and a hard drive, and a (very) quick Google search didn’t turn up anything, so you may not be taping anything with this.