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Nickel And Diming Your Way To A Short Drawer

, , | Right | December 6, 2021

I’m working at a movie theater box office in the 80s. A senior citizen comes for the first show.

Me: “Your ticket is $4.95.”

She gives me a $5, then says:

Customer: “Oh hang on!”

She then gives me a nickel.

Customer: “Now you can give me a dollar back.”

I give her her nickel (rather I never take it) and put another nickel down for her change.

Customer: *Insisting.* “No, take my nickel and give me back my dollar!”

Me: “Ma’am, the ticket was $4.95, the change is a nickel.”

She starts throwing a fit and holding up my line, demanding to see the manager. She explains. I explain.

Manager: “Just give her the dollar.”

I did, and of course my drawer was short that night. I was sooooo furious.

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