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Next Time May We Suggest Simple Air

, , , | Right | December 15, 2020

I work at a small coffee shop. On this particular day, we are quite busy and have a steady line of customers. My coworker and I are working quickly to make drinks when a middle-aged woman cuts the line.

Customer: “Excuse me, but I want to return this hot chocolate that I purchased!”

We sell a container of our hot chocolate mix that is 100% cacao with no added sugar.

Coworker: “Okay, we can return that for you, but could you please wait in line?”

Customer: *Scoffs* “I don’t have time for that! I was told that this hot chocolate was sugar-free, but it has 500 calories!”

Coworker: “Yes, ma’am, it is sugar-free.”

Customer: “No, it’s not! It says it has 500 calories!”

Coworker: “Sugar-free does not mean calorie-free.”

Customer: “But it has 500 calories! I want to return it.”

Coworker: “And we can help with that, but we are very busy at the moment and you need to wait in line.”

Customer: “I don’t have time for that!” *Storms off*

Me: *To my coworker* “Does she not understand what calories are?”