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Next Time, Just Lend A Helping Hand

, | Working | September 5, 2012

(I’m the customer, and witness the following exchange. A girl of about 10 is at the counter getting food. She seems to only have one arm.)

Girl: “Mom, this tray is too heavy. Can you help?”

Girl’s Mother: “Sure, no problem.”

Employee: “Are you stupid? Use two hands!”

Girl: “I only have one.”

Employee: “You put your arm in your shirt. You kids always do that!”

Girl’s Mother: “Madam, my daughter was born with one arm.”

Employee: “Don’t let her be lazy! She’s hiding her arm inside her shirt to make you carry the tray. It’s stupid!”

Girl’s Mother: “She really has one arm!”

Girl: *pulls sleeve showing only a stump instead of another arm*

Employee: *speechless*

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