Next Time, Just Leave The Vice Out Of Advice

Right | December 1, 2011

(In our store is a small deli that I work at. A man comes up, orders some ham, and converses with me as I prepare it for him.)

Customer: “Are you in college?”

Me: “Yes, actually, this job helps me pay for it.”

Customer: “What are you studying? Nursing?”

Me: “English, actually.”

Customer: “That’s no good. All the smartest women have been going into nursing or medicine or fields like that. You won’t get any money studying English.”

Me: “Um, I sure hope not, but I’ll see. I’m only a freshman after all. I may change majors.”

(I try to turn back to my work, a little embarrassed, but he keeps talking.)

Customer: “Yep, my daughter went into nursing after I insisted she study it. She even worked as a doctor’s assistant for six months!”

Me: “That’s good to hear. Is she still in school?”

Customer: “No, she actually dropped out right after that and has some bad drug issues right now, but I don’t think it’ll last long.”

Me: *shocked* “Oh…well…I hope she recovers soon.”

Customer: “It’s not a problem. She’ll be a nurse if I have any say about it. And I hope you reconsider too!”

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