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Next Time Ask For Proof Of Purchase

, , , , | Right | October 21, 2021

A half-hour after the last movie goes in, we officially close the theater, empty the registers, and lock doors. We keep some popcorn on hand in case anyone comes out for a refill, but other than that and cleaning up the theaters, we’re pretty much done with customers for the night. That being said, there’s almost always that one or two people who pre-ordered tickets and are running late, so we have someone watch the front doors and let in any stragglers who already have tickets.

It’s been forty-five minutes since the last movie went in, so the theater is totally closed, the doors are locked, and our systems have been shut down. I’m watching the front doors when a group of teenage boys suddenly runs up to the doors and starts pounding. I open the door.

Me: “Hey, guys! We’re closed for the night and can’t sell anything, but I can let you in if you already have tickets. Do you have tickets?”

Teenager #1: *Nodding* “Yes.”

I open the door and let them in. Immediately, two of the boys go to the box office while the other two go to the concession stand.

Me: “Um, fellas? We’re closed.”

Teenager #1: “Oh, we just need tickets to the [Movie] that just went in.”

Me: “Unfortunately, we’re closed and the registers are off. We can’t sell any more tickets or snacks tonight. That’s why I specifically asked you if you already had tickets.”

Teenager #1: *With a s***-eating grin* “And we will have tickets once you sell them to me!”

Me: “Sorry, guys, if you don’t have tickets, you’ll have to leave.”

Teenager #1: “But we just need tickets.”

Teenager #2: *At the concession stand* “Where is everyone?! I gotta get my popcorn on!”

Me: *Turning to him* “We’re closed!” *Turning back to the first kid* “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to leave.”

Teenager #1: “For real?”

Me: “Yes, for real.”

The teens gather and act like they’re going to leave, so I go back to watch the door. I suddenly hear a coworker.

Coworker: “Did those guys have tickets?”

Me: “Who, those kids?”

Coworker: “Yeah, they just started walking toward the auditoriums.”

I leave my post and sprint to the back of the lobby and see the kids about to head into one of our theaters.

Me: “Guys! Seriously?”

Teenager #1: “Uh… well, you wouldn’t sell us tickets, so…”

They immediately turn and sprint into the theater, with me following behind them. I end up having to waste five minutes slowly corralling them, and I only finally get them to leave after threatening to call the cops. As they leave, the first kid turns back and sneers.

Teenager #1: “Go f*** yourself!”

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