Next Step Is A Giant Neon Sign

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I’m notorious for forgetting where I’ve left my car in a car park. I literally leave the car park and the location of my car is just deleted from my head. In car parks I visit frequently, I always park in the same general area so I have at least some chance of finding my car. In strange car parks, I try to note down something to give me a clue as to where my car is.

I’m picking my boyfriend up from the airport, and I know that I won’t find my car as the car park is huge, over several stories, so I take precautions.

Boyfriend: “So, where’s your car?”

Me: “In area 3C.”

Boyfriend: “And do you know where you parked it?”

Me: “Yep, I made sure I’d find it this time!”

We find area 3C.

Me: “There’s my car!”

Boyfriend: “Where? Oh… Oh, no… REALLY?!”

My car was really easy to spot. It had three huge, pink helium balloons and a pile of sparkly tinsel tied to the antenna.

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