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As If Moving Wasn’t Stressful Enough

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Several years before we moved in together and got married, my girlfriend had to leave her student flat and moved into a small apartment. The young couple moving out didn’t seem to be the most organised people; however…

When moving into a new place, it isn’t a miracle to still receive mail for the previous tenant, so my girlfriend contacted them and had them pick it up. However, my girlfriend immediately had the feeling something was off. When the girl arrived to pick up the mail, my girlfriend asked whether they had already registered their new address with the municipality, to which the girl more or less replied, “Registering our address? What’s that?” This did not bode well.

How true her feeling was. Although they apparently did change their address in the municipal registration after this, they never did so on almost every account they seemed to had, so mail from insurance, banking, and everything else kept being sent to her address instead of theirs.

Most of it seemed to change after quite some time, except for one. A very famous company, which provides insurance for roadside assistance and traveling, kept sending in letters reminding the guy that he still hadn’t paid his fee. At some point, my girlfriend got worried about the idea of debt collectors showing up at her door, so she decided to call the company and explain that they needed to contact the guy in some other way. 

Obviously, the system of such an organisation is not made to change the contact details of a customer based on the complaint of a third party. What happened afterward, however, was really incredible. Some weeks later, my girlfriend received a phone call from the company, who wanted to speak to the guy about his outstanding fee. Taken by surprise, she stammered, “What? N… No, he doesn’t live here.”

Only after hanging up, did she realise that she had been called on her mobile phone. The only way they could have gotten the number was from her own call. That’s right. She used her mobile phone to call the company and tell them he had moved out of the address and she had moved in, so somebody thought it made sense to put in her phone number as his.

How someone thought this would make sense is beyond me, especially since the rules of the company should actually prevent this from happening. Some random people being messy with contact details is bad enough. Professionals doing it is unacceptable.

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Very Poor Behavior

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I am at a chain pharmacy picking up prescriptions. I have a personal policy that I don’t grab a basket or a cart so I don’t pick up too many extra items, but unfortunately, I’m also creative. I’m there with my fiancée and we have our arms full of stuffed animals. We go to check out, and there are a few people ahead of us. The person first in line keeps having her purchases rung up, bagged, and then unbagged and rung up again. There’s a manager on standby to run his ID to cancel out the transaction again and again.

Cashier: “I’m sorry, it did it again. I don’t know what’s wrong with our system today.”

Customer: “I’d like to go home today!”

Cashier: “I’m sorry, but you’re not the first person that this has happened to today.”

Finally, the teller moves her to a different register so the rest of the line can check out.

Customer: “You need to fix this! My card works elsewhere!”

Cashier: “I have no ability to fix this; it’s a tech issue we’ve been having.”

We can hear her continue to yell as she’s about three feet away. I get my excessive purchases rung up and hand them to my fiancée. This customer clearly wants to go home, right? She doesn’t have a lot of items and I don’t mind paying so she can go home.

Me: “Excuse me, miss, but I’d like to pay for your purchases so you can go home. I just—”


She is looking around at the entire store to be sure she’s heard.

Me: “Miss, I didn’t accuse you of being poor. I know this is an issue with their system and my card did work, so I was trying to make it so you could go home.”

Customer: “I’M NOT POOR! I’M NOT POOR!”

Cashier: “It’s just a problem with our system.”

Me: “No, I understand. I just know that my card works.”

The cashier gives me a very tired look as the customer just keeps yelling, “I’m not poor!” at the top of her lungs.

Me: “Well, miss, I hope you get to go home soon. Have a nice night.”

Customer: “I’M. NOT. POOR!”

I shrug and walk out of the store. I can hear her screaming even after the doors have closed behind me. My fiancée has been waiting in the car for me.

Fiancée: “What took so long?”

Me: “I tried to be nice. Didn’t go great.”

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What You Manifest Will Come To Be

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My dad had a very superstitious employee. Every Friday the thirteenth, this employee would call in sick. Finally, my dad had enough of this and told the employee that if he called in sick like this again he would be fired.

The next Friday the thirteenth was a very foggy morning. The employee usually would come in before dawn. The office was at the end of a service road with only a ditch past it. When the employee came to work that Friday, he drove past the office and ended up in that ditch. After that, my dad told him he could take personal days from then on.

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Using Baked Goods To Do Good

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Every time this customer comes in, she comes up to the registers with some bakery item that she has pulled out of a bag and tries to insist she should be able to buy it separately — something like a single roll out of a bag of rolls or a single chocolate chip cookie out of a package.

We never actually sell it to her, but our spineless manager never kicks her out, either. He just wrings his hands and says it isn’t worth the trouble. Finally, one day, I have had enough when she approaches me with yet another product — a bagel this time.

I pull it out of her hand before she can say anything.

Me: “Oh, thank you.”

I drop it directly into the wastebasket behind my register.

Me: “I don’t know how these baked goods keep getting loose from their packaging, so thank you for bringing that up so we can dispose of it.” *Big slasher smile* “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Apparently, my sudden actions had stunned her into silence, as she just kind of gaped before scurrying off. Shortest interaction with her yet. I told a few of my coworkers, and they are going to do the same thing. Maybe we can drive her off with kindness if our manager isn’t willing to do it with policy.

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13 Crazy Stories About Customers Who Are So Bad With Money They Could Probably Cause A Recession

| Right | May 13, 2021

Dear readers,

In the retail world, things should be simple. A customer and vendor agree on the price of a product, and money is exchanged. Sadly, there are some customers whose understanding of money is so simple that it can make things very complicated.

We’ve found thirteen crazy stories from our archives about customers who are so financially ignorant, so inept at money management, and so clueless about how money actually… well, works, that they’ll have you scratching your head and wondering how they’ve made it this far in life!


Credit Car – One day, the technology will get there… and customers will still find a way to mess it up.

Don’t Pin Your Hopes On This One – Why would you give them that?!

Short Changed In The Intelligence Department – Miss me with that math stuff.


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