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You’ve Overstayed Your Welcome

, , , | Right | CREDIT: Mastervodo | January 23, 2022

Most hotels (mine included) require payment or at least an authorization for payment via credit card BEFORE you stay. If you extend your stay, the credit card needs to be reauthorized for the additional days.

I’m sure all of you are following so far, nodding your heads, and thinking, “Yes, of course, that’s how it works.”

We’ve had this guy stay with us over the last six months or so, and we’ve had almost a dozen issues with him paying on time, and then issues with him disputing charges, as well. He also thinks that checkout time doesn’t apply to him and that we will simply keep his room until he tells us he’s checking out, but then if he checks out after checkout time — say, 4:00 pm — he thinks that he doesn’t deserve to get charged. Basically, he thinks he runs the place because his employer is paying for his stays and he’s a Shiny Member because of it.

Yesterday, this guest just TOLD us that he wouldn’t know “until after 1:00” if he was staying or not. Checkout time is at 12:00. I don’t work during the day, so I don’t know how that panned out. I DID hear from a coworker that our general called the guest on his cell about payment or something, and he told her, “This phone is only for friends after [time],” and hung up on her. Which, in my book, means that person is evicted right there. I guess she called his room and they talked, but I don’t know all that was said.

I get here at 11:00, and his card is declined for tonight’s stay. I lock out the room. He arrives at about 12:00 looking for a new key to his room.

Me: *Politely* “I need payment before you get the room. You only paid for one night; we need payment for the second night.”

I show him the receipt for the one night, and I even turn my monitor to him so that he can see that his card is declined, because he keeps insisting “the room is paid for”.

He goes back and forth between being angry, trying to tell me to “do him a solid” and just give him the room without payment, saying what a great relationship he and I have had over the last six months, saying, “We ain’t friends,” and swearing, going out to the parking lot, coming back in, and starting over again. Finally, he says he just wants to grab his stuff and go.

Me: “Okay, fine. I will go with you to the room so you can get your stuff and leave. Do you need a cart?”

Guest: “Yes.”

Then, he just starts taking off to the room with his girl trailing behind him. By the way, the girlfriend totally understands what I was saying to the guy and knows I am right, and she clearly also knows he has no money, despite his bragging about how much money he has, how “this is beneath me,” and what a big shot he apparently is.

Since he didn’t listen when I said that we need to go up together, I’ve had it, and I’m not going to risk letting him into the room and him just closing the door on me because he’s acting shady. I call dispatch, have them send a unit to help with an eviction, and wait.

He comes back down.

Me: “Have a seat. Police will be here soon to help you get your stuff out of the room.”

Guest: “Wait, no! I have money on this other card!”

Me: “Nope. We are past that. I’m done arguing and dealing with you. I gave you every opportunity to pay, and you kept arguing. You are not staying tonight, and you will not be renting from us in the future.”

After a few more choice words from him, he decided to wait outside.

The police unit rolled up. I told them the situation and then hung back so I wouldn’t say something to escalate the situation. They went up with him, and he complained the whole way. It took a long time for them to get him out — and he only had, like, a backpack and a grocery bag full of stuff. So, who knows what was said, but I’m guessing he was trying to figure out some way to stay, or maybe he wanted to retrieve something he was not supposed to have that he’d hidden in the room but couldn’t just grab because the police were over his shoulder.

So, now he’s been trespassed and hopefully won’t be back again.

Who Would Rather Hang Out There Than Their Office?!

, , , , , , | Working | January 23, 2022

[Coworker] thinks he’s so clever. Every time his boss leaves the office, he sneaks to the bathroom stall, sometimes for hours on end. It wouldn’t be so bad, but he does it regardless of what else he should be doing. He isn’t around for so many meetings, reports needed, or just answers to questions.

A few of us have complained, but [Coworker] is an office junior, deemed “harmless” and (from his boss’s point of view) a “decent enough” worker, despite him annoying everyone else and giving them more work.

One day, our systems go down, so we have nothing to do. But still, [Coworker] is badgering his boss about if he will be off-site again this afternoon. He always does this before he hides away, but this time I have an idea.

I get a few people roped in and speak to the cleaning team, who are more than happy to get even. Like clockwork, [Coworker]’s boss disappears, and not five minutes later, [Coworker] grabs his phone and headphones and goes to the toilet.

Unfortunately, they just so happen to be being cleaned and closed, so he goes downstairs. 

But oh, no, all the cubicles are full, so he goes to the other toilets, but again, they’re being cleaned. How odd.

This is where he surprises all of us. He disappears and is last seen going into the building area next door and into their portaloo, much to the annoyance of the builders shouting at him.

A good hour later, I grab something from my car. A bunch of builders are all standing around facing the portaloo.

Me: “Is he still in there?”

Builder: “You know that guy?”

Me: “Yeah, he would rather sit in the toilets than do actual work.”

Builder: “You need to get him out of there. Our guys have had to walk down the road.”

Me: “Well, you can use our toilets if you do me a favour.”

As asked, they placed their digger in front of the door. [Coworker] didn’t notice until five minutes before clocking-off time. He had to ring his boss, who then rang reception to let him out.

I don’t know if he got into any trouble, but he stopped hiding in the toilets after that.

Maybe Their Hands Were Shaking From The Lack Of Caffeine?

, , , | Right | January 23, 2022

I work in a coffee shop. A few days ago, someone put in a [Delivery App] order for a toasted white chocolate cream Frappuccino with heavy cream and no toasted white mocha, no sprinkles, no whipped cream, light ice, decaf, with a banana, and double-blended.

We couldn’t make it. My manager had to call and figure out what they were trying to order because if we did make it, it would just be blended milk with a little bit of ice.

Ninety-Eight Reasons To Read The Signs

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: HikeTheSky | January 23, 2022

A couple of years ago, I was in college, and I worked at a convenience store. The rule was that you could only take a $100 bill when someone gassed up for at least $50 or bought at least $50 of merchandise, as a register only had ten bucks in change and getting larger amounts out of the timed safe could take twenty minutes.

I was talking to the manager about the graveyard shift I was about to finish when this new cashier came up with a $100 bill.

Cashier: “I need $98 in change.”

Since she had already taken the money, she wasn’t allowed to give it back, as that was a rule. The manager was about to give her twenties and tens.

Me: “Get one of the hundred-stacks of ones.”

When the girl walked back to the register and I was right behind her, the guy already changed his smile. His face really started to change when I was counting out $98 in one-dollar bills and the girl behind me just watched his smile going away. She wasn’t to blame, as she was new. He was to blame, and he wasn’t very happy when I was finished.

I also reminded him (and the cashier) about the policy of at least buying items for $50 in order to get change for a $100, referring them to our signs stating said policy.

I still don’t know why people get cash in $100 bills when they know most stores can’t give change.

Relatives Are Really A Puzzle

, , , , | Related | January 23, 2022

I was at a flea market at closing time. A vendor offered me two kindergarten-level puzzles for free. I declined, saying I didn’t know any small children. He insisted I take them, so I thanked him and accepted them just to end the conversation.

I took them home and forgot about them.

A while later, a relative by marriage visited us, bringing her children who were aged seven and ten. The kids found the puzzles and started playing with them. I did not care; I had no attachment to the puzzles.  

Their mother was incensed.

Relative: “My kids put together 1000-piece puzzles!”

Me: “That’s nice. I did not give them these. They just grabbed them.”

And when they left, they took them with them.