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Floats Like A Baggins, Stings Like A Gamgee

| Related | March 7, 2012

(I am flicking through the TV channels with my Mum.)

Me: “Hey, mum. Lord Of The Rings is on! Want to watch it?”

Mum: “No, you know I don’t like films about boxing.”

A Very Dim Sum

, | Related | March 7, 2012

(I am a British-born Chinese. While I can speak basic Cantonese, I can not read it. I am visiting family in Hong Kong and meet my old grandmother in a small dim-sum restaurant. The menu is entirely written in Cantonese.)

Me: “Grandma, you order. I can’t read the menu.”

Grandma: “I’ve forgotten my glasses. I can’t read it either.”

Me: “What will we do?”

Grandma: “Just order tea for now. Your aunt should be along in a minute. She can order for us.”

(We order tea and wait for my aunt, who is being very tardy. The waiting staff are getting frustrated and come over to complain.)

Waiter: “Why are you not ordering? You’ve just been sitting here for 15 minutes drinking tea!”

(Finally, my aunt comes in.)

Aunt: “What is happening here? Why haven’t you ordered?”

Me: *loudly, and truthfully* “Because Grandma can’t see, and I can’t read!”

(My aunt bursts into laughter and tells the waiter that her family are ‘special’.)

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Missing The Y In DIY

| Right | March 7, 2012

(I work at the returns desk of a big-box home-improvement store. A customer is bringing back a pesticide/weed killer sprayer.)

Me: “Hello, did you have a problem with the sprayer?”

Customer: “Yes! It won’t work. It keeps clogging up. This is the second sprayer I’ve brought in, and I haven’t even finished my deck!”

Me: “What type of spray are you using in the sprayer?”

Customer: “I’m using the deck stain listed on the receipt there.”

Me: “There’s your problem: this sprayer won’t work for deck stain.”

Customer: “What?! What do you mean?! That’s not what I was told! I was told this would work just fine!”

Me: “Who told you that it was okay to use a pesticide sprayer for deck stain?”

Customer: “Well, I don’t know his name, but he looks…um…he works here, okay?”

(I start the returns process on the register I’m at.)

Customer: “So, what would you recommend to stain my deck?”

Me: “I’d go right over to aisle 5 and look at the paint sprayers.”

Customer: “But those are so expensive! I can’t afford one of those.”

Me: “Well, you could always buy a brush and do it the old-fashioned way.”

Customer: “But that’s work!”

It’ll Click Eventually

| Right | March 7, 2012

Me: “Welcome to the IT service desk. How can I help you today?”

Customer: “I’m trying to click on the power button, but for some reason it’s not working.”

Me: “The power button?”

Customer: “Yeah, you know, the one on the bottom right of the screen, with the green light? I’d have thought the help desk would know what a power button is.”

Me: “Sir, I’m afraid you don’t actually click on the power button. It’s a physical object and needs to be pressed with your finger.”

Customer: *slight pause* “I don’t get it. I’ll go back and try again…”

Pudding The P In Peculiar

| Right | March 7, 2012

Me: “Would you like a bag for your items?”

Customer: “I want pudding.”

(We’re a party store famous for giving out free popcorn, so I offer him popcorn instead.)

Me: “I don’t have any pudding, but I can give you some free popcorn.”

Customer: “Not good enough.”

Me: “They both start with ‘P’.”

Customer: “Nope!” *walks away with items in hand*