New Facebook Recruitment Techniques

, , , | Right | October 8, 2018

My other half works as a team leader at a highly popular family theme park in the UK. She had a lady with her kids come up to her the other day to make a ridiculous complaint. The lady had apparently arrived at the entrance of the park and planned to meet her friend in the car park so they could enter the park together.

Unfortunately, this lady had left her phone at home and had no way of contacting her friend to organise where exactly in the large car park and entrance they were going to meet up. So, the lady approached one of the staff members at the turnstile gates who normally check wristbands, tickets, etc. She asked the staff member if she could get her phone out, go on Facebook, add the friend she wanted to meet up with, and message her on the lady’s behalf as to where they should meet.

Obviously, the staff member refused, explaining she was not allowed to have her phone on her at work, and even if she was, she wouldn’t be okay with doing such a thing. Unsurprisingly, the clueless lady then demanded a superior to complain to about the staff member’s lack of cooperation and helpfulness. The superior taking the complaint was my girlfriend.

We still wonder, a few days later, if she has ever gone up to any other strangers in the past and asked them to add other strangers on Facebook to message them for her.

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