Never Too Young For A Sparkling Christmas

| Working | December 26, 2014

(I am 21 but look much younger. It is around Christmas and I am buying sparkling juice. It is non-alcoholic but is in a wine bottle.)

Cashier: *with stern look, snatchs the bottle away* “Where is your ID?”

Me: *confused* “I don’t need it.”

Cashier: “You cannot buy this!”

Me: “This isn’t actual wine.”

(The cashier starts to get really pissed and calls a friend to handle a ‘stubborn’ customer.)

Friend: “Just give us your ID.”

(At this point, the cashier is ready to throw me out of the store. Other customers are staring.)

Me: “I didn’t bring any ID. It is non alcoholic. Have a read.”

Cashier: “No! You cannot buy it. You are underage. Where is your ID?”

(I looked at the friend, practically begging him to read the bottle label. Fortunately, he did. He pointed the word “non-alcoholic” to the cashier, who immediately turned red faced. This was followed by awfully quiet and awkward transaction. The next time I went there I bought actual wine with my ID. I purposely chose the same cashier, and the shocked look on his face when he saw my birthdate was rather satisfying.)

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