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Never Too Old To Fight For What’s Right

| Related | September 14, 2014

(I don’t have a grandfather of my own as they both passed away before I was born. My cousin’s grandfather has come on vacation with us. They call him papaw. I’ve never really called him anything because I’m not sure what to call him as he’s not my grandfather and I’m not exactly sure how he feels about me. I’ve recently come out as gay and have brought my girlfriend with us on the trip. We’re listening to the radio and there’s some controversial story about gay rights being debated about.)

Papaw: “D*** all these gays! This crap is annoying!”

Uncle: “Dad!”

Papaw: “What? This gay rights crap is getting old. I’ll never see anything settled in my lifetime so why should I have to hear about it everywhere I go? I’m sick of it!”

Me: “Um, my girlfriend and I are sitting right here.”

Papaw: “You don’t count.”

Me: “Why not?”

Papaw: “Because you’re my granddaughter and I’ll always fight for or beside you no matter what we’re fighting for.”

(He’s since passed away but I couldn’t have asked for a better grandfather.)

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