Never Too Old To Behave Out Of Line

, , , | Right | February 12, 2020

(My stepmum’s waiting in line at an extremely popular fish and chip shop. It’s renowned around the country, and in the summer there’s always a MASSIVE line, sometimes down the street. My stepmum’s at the end of the line, which is actually outside the shop at this point, when an elderly woman approaches.)

Elderly Customer: “Is this the line?”

Stepmum: “Yup, afraid so.”

Elderly Customer: “This is ridiculous! I’m in a hurry; I have to go to the front!”

Stepmum: “Yeah, good luck with that.”

(The woman huffs and goes straight to the other door, where the till is located and where people wait for their orders. Two minutes later, she’s back, joining the line behind my stepmum.)

Stepmum: “I take it they wouldn’t let you in?”

(The customer complained for the rest of the wait about how she was an elderly lady and shouldn’t be kept standing for such a long time.)

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