Never Too Old For The O

, , , , | Right | October 2, 2020

I am making a drink for a white-haired, little old lady customer. I am a twenty-two-year-old male barista. Though she is always nice enough, she is very chatty with baristas. Today, she has gotten a very particular drink.

Me: “Wow, you have got one heck of a drink today.”

Customer: “Well, you see, I got my free reward drink today, so I ordered my special one.”

Me: *Laughs* “I’ll make sure to give it its proper attention.”

Customer: “I am sure that you’ll make it just fine.”

After a bit more talking, I hand off her drink and she walks off.

Customer: “Oooh!”

The customer quickly walks back and leans over the counter, and I am prepared to remake the drink for some mistake.

Customer: “I just wanted you to know this drink is nearly orgasmic!”

I am taken aback and can think of nothing to say; I just laugh and stammer.

Customer: “But I shouldn’t say something like in public, now, should I?”

The customer then left as my wide-eyed coworker started laughing at me.

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