Never Too Old For A Tantrum

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(While walking down an aisle in a supermarket, I come upon a bedraggled-looking mom who is trying — but failing — to quiet her four-year-old in the middle of a loud and teary, “BUT I WANT IT!” tantrum. I impulsively decide to lend the mother an assist. As I pass by, I bend down so that the kid and I are face-to face, and with my most sincere-and-saddened voice and expression, I solemnly confide to her:)

Me: “You know, when I cry, my parents never buy me what I want.”

(The girl’s eyes immediately shoot wide open and she goes dead silent in mid-scream. I’m not sure if it is due to finding out that she is not, in fact, invisible, or just the idea of a sixty-year-old man crying because his parents won’t buy him something. As I continue down the aisle, I am concerned at first that the mother might not approve of my intervention, but I am reassured when a few seconds later, I hear the mother announcing to her daughter:)

Mother: “YUH SEE?

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