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Never Too Chicken To Feed The Rebellion

| Working | August 6, 2015

(My mother and sisters and I have gone to a popular amusement park in the area, and have not eaten dinner yet. It is 9:30 at night, and we’re starving now that we’re not on any rides. We pull up to the drive through for Popular Chicken Restaurant, which is combined with Taco Restaurant.)

Speaker: “Hi, welcome to [Taco Restaurant]! [Popular Chicken Restaurant] is currently closed”

Mother: “Oh… sorry, we only wanted [Popular Chicken Restaurant].”

Speaker: “I’m sorry, ma’am, [Popular Chicken Restaurant] closes at nine.”

Mother: “Oh, that’s all right. Have a good night.”

(We start to leave, and pass by the window as we go. Just as we’re passing it, suddenly we hear a man shout.)

Man: “Hey! Wait!”

(My mother pulls up to the window.)

Mother: “Yes?”

Man: “[Popular Chicken Restaurant] is closed, but we do still have a bucket of some leftover chicken if you’d like”

Mother: “How do I pay?”

Man: “There’s no need. It’s leftovers and we’re going to get rid of it anyway.”

Mother: “Thank you so much!”

Man: “No problem.”

(The workers gave us a whole container of chicken and ended up giving us another container filled with biscuits and grilled chicken.)

Man: “I have five daughters at home, and they always ask me after work if I can bring chicken home. I understand how it’s like to feed a hungry family.”

Mother: “Thank you so much. We just came from [Popular Amusement Park], and haven’t eaten dinner.”

Man: “Well, no wonder they’re so hungry. They might rebel for food.”

(Just before we leave, my mother rolls down the middle window of the van so we can thank the man. We all wave, and I can’t help but add this last thing.)

Me: *waves happily from the back seat* “Thank you for feeding the rebellion!”

Man: “No problem. Come back again any time!” *waves back*

(My family appreciated this man’s kindness gratefully. I’ve always read things like this before, but to experience it myself is truly the greatest feeling. I will never forget this moment.)

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