Never ‘Saw’ Such A Temper

| Related | January 16, 2016

(My family is getting ready to go to a wedding in GA over the weekend. I can’t go due to a mandatory state exam for work that I have to take early Monday morning. My younger sister is refusing to go because one of our cousins there has been spreading lies about her to our aunts, to the point mentioning her name still angers her. My younger sister is really into gory stories.)

Dad: “Come on, [Sister]. Get your bag together so we can leave.”

Sister: “I don’t want to go! [Cousin] is going to be there! I don’t want to go anywhere near that b****!”

Me: “Dad… you know her temper and what she reads… What do you think she will do if they meet?”

Dad: “Good point. You watch her.”

Sister: “What did he think I would do?”

Me: “Something that would involve a lot of bail money that would drain my savings account?”

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