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Never Joke With The Customers… Ever! The Musical

, , , | Right | November 1, 2022

An elderly couple approaches me.

Customer: “The music on the PA is too loud!”

I can’t even make out the song because it is playing so low. I shouldn’t, but I laugh, assuming it’s a joke. The man stands there just staring at me sternly.

Customer: “I’m not joking! Call your manager and tell them to turn it down! Our carts were literally bouncing off the ground when we were going down the meat aisle! Call your manager now!”

I would have been more than happy to bring my manager’s attention to his ridiculous excuse of a complaint had he behaved like a human being. As I am walking toward the microphone to make the announcement for the manager, the guy is insulting ME like I maliciously turned the music up to earthquake mode before he came in.

I cannot stress enough that I cannot even make out what song is playing.

I get on the system and say, as loudly as I possibly can:


I know, I was mean… but revenge is sweet.

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Question of the Week

Has a customer ever tried to cross you and lived to regret it? What happened?

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