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Never Heard Of A Snack Tray Hoarding Dragon

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I’m part of an Internet group that meets together to play board games. Our setup is that one person will host, and the rest of those who attend will bring snacks, potluck style, ensuring that there is plenty to go around.

My typical contribution is a meat and cheese mix on French bread slices. It’s pretty simple for me to throw together and a bit “fancier” than most snacks we have, and it is always a big hit. I will generally bring one or two trays’ worth.

One day, after a session, the host comes up to me as I am packing up and leaving.

Host: “What are you doing?”

Me: “Oh, I’m just going to be headed home.”

Host: “But why are you taking those?”

He points to the trays. I think he’s mixed them up with his trays.

Me: “Oh, I actually brought my snacks on these.”

Host: “But why are you taking them?”

Me: *Pause* “Because they’re mine.”

Host: “But you brought them. You can’t take them after you brought them.”

Me: “Uh…”

At that point, someone else distracted him with a question, and I quickly just scooted out of there.

He ended up making several posts about me and a few others “stealing” his stuff. We responded by pointing out the truth, that we were just taking the trays, bowls, and the leftovers of snacks we’d brought, but he ended up “rage-quitting” the group when people weren’t supporting him.

The really confusing thing was that he had hosted several times before and had never brought up any problem with us taking home what we’d brought.

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