Never Had A Mom Like Me

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(This takes place shortly after “Aladdin” is released in theaters. A friend calls and invites me to go and see it with him and his parents. My mom is out of the house, but my stepdad allows me to go. When I get back, Mom is home, and she looks a little upset.)

Mom: “So, you went off to see Aladdin with [Friend]?”

Me: “But I got permission. [Stepdad] said I could go.”

Mom: “That’s not the point. I wanted to go see it!”

Me: *confused* “Wait, what?”

Mom: “Well, I hope you enjoyed the movie, because you will be going back.”

(Sure enough, a few days later, she ended up taking me back to the theater just so she could have an excuse to see the movie herself. I certainly wasn’t complaining about having to see it again, though.)

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