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Never Graduated Past The Interview

| Working | November 3, 2016

(It is the summer of 2011. I have recently graduated from university and am looking for at least a part-time job. I decide to apply for a position at a toy store that’s been in my hometown for years, and I am called in for an interview. I am first interviewed by the store owner’s daughter, and everything seems to be going well until…)

Owner’s Daughter: “Okay, great! You seem like you’d be an awesome fit. My mother would like to talk to you, though, before you leave.”

Me: “Okay, sure. No problem.”

(The owner shows up, and she does not look particularly thrilled to speak with me; in fact, she looks downright disgruntled. She sits down in front of me without even shaking my hand or saying hello.)

Owner: “Okay, let me just ask you a few questions and then you can be on your way.”

Me: “Sounds good.”

Owner: “So, it says here on your résumé that you just graduated from college.”

Me: “Yes, I did. Just a month ago.”

Owner: “So you’re no longer in school.”

Me: “Nope.”

Owner: “And you’re not going back at the end of the summer.”

Me: “Well… no. I’m done with school. I graduated.”

Owner: “Are you sure?”

Me: *perplexed* “Yes. I am absolutely sure I graduated from college and won’t be returning at the end of summer.”

Owner: “It’s just that we’ve gotten some employees in the past who said they were all done with college, and by August, they quit and went back to school. I don’t want that happening again.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that.”

Owner: “So I want to make sure you’re telling me the truth.”

(By this point, I am absolutely flabbergasted by this woman’s complete and utter distrust of me. In fact, by the tone of her voice, she sounds downright accusatory. However, I keep my cool and stay polite.)

Me: “Well, you won’t have to worry. I assure you that I’ve graduated from college and I won’t be going back.”

Owner: *hesitantly* “All right, then. We’ll get back to you.”

(Not only did I not get hired, but also, when I tried contacting the owner asking what the status was on the job, I either was connected to voicemail or never received an email response. For about six months afterward, whenever I went to a job interview, I would always bring a copy of my college transcript to show the interviewer just in case they were paranoid that I was lying about my education. Turned out I dodged a bullet, anyway — I learned later that it was an absolute nightmare to work at that store, and the owner was always seeking new employees due to a high turnover rate!)