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Never Going To Figure It ‘Out’

, , , , | Learning | August 29, 2017

(I’ve just been outed, after a friend let slip that I have a boyfriend while talking to someone else in class. It’s pretty embarrassing, but most people don’t care, or are decent enough not to let it show. One classmate, however, has been taking advantage of our teacher’s lateness to berate me over it. No one else comes to my defence, so I’m just taking it. Finally, our teacher turns up. I think the classmate is going to stop but he grins at me and shouts.)

Classmate: “Sir! [My Name] is gay!”

Teacher: *looks uninterested* “Is that so?”

Classmate: “Yeah! [Friend] says he has a boyfriend. What are you going to do?”

Teacher: “Nothing.”

Classmate: “But he’s gay! How am I supposed to learn with one of those in the room?”

Teacher: “You’ve been taught by one for the past three years, so I think you’ll be fine.”

(I’ve never seen someone so horror-struck. He spends the rest of the lesson in silence and doesn’t turn up to class for the next week. On the Monday after our teacher makes an announcement.)

Teacher: “[Classmate] has been moved to another class after complaining that my ‘teaching style’ isn’t working with him.”

Classmate #2: “Is it because you’re gay?”

Teacher: “Oh, I’m not gay. [History Teacher] is though, and after our meeting today, he’s very keen to introduce [Classmate] and his parents to his husband at the next parent-teacher evening.”

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