Never Give Up On Anyone… Except Maybe You

, , , | Working | December 6, 2018

(I work in a cafe that hires students for internships. They work as full-fledged employees, while training on the job. There is a high preference for students with a disability or behaviour problems, because they usually don’t get many chances. Most succeed and get jobs in “normal” cafes or catering. One student, however, is not looking promising, despite the intensive training, coaching, and personal mentor. He’s been late every day for two weeks now, and he has received his final warning. Today he showed up on time, with the cafe’s uniform, but without the required shoes. The shoes are normal black shoes, but have a strong top — in case of falling knives; yes, that has happened more than once — and anti-skid profiles on the bottom.)

Mentor: “[Student], where are your work shoes?”

Student: “Oh, eh… I lost them.”

Mentor: “You… lost them?”

Student: “Yup, they are totally gone.”

Mentor: “Ah, well… Then you’ll have to buy new ones.”

Student: “What?! No way!”

Mentor: “You know the required shoes are for your own safety. If you can’t find them, you’ll have to buy new ones.”

Student: “I’m not going to pay anything!”

Mentor: “Then you’ll just have to start looking for them!”

Student: “Haven’t you been listening?! I can’t search for them; they are lost!”

(Our cafe’s motto is, “Never give up on anyone,” but I fear we may have to look for a more suiting place for this student.)

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