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Never Even Married The Subject

| Related | February 27, 2015

(I am training to be a corporate lawyer at a prestigious law firm. One weekend, my mum calls.)

Mum: “Can I ask you a question about law?”

Me: “Okay.”

Mum: “I need some advice for [Family Friend] about divorce.”

Me: “I can’t help with that.”

Mum: “What? Why not?”

Me: “I’m training to be a corporate lawyer, remember? I have almost nothing to do with family law.”

Mum: “What?”

Me: “I never even studied it at university. It’s pretty much the one topic I know nothing about.”

Mum: “Well, what do you do?”

Me: “At the moment, board minutes. You want board minutes, I’m your woman.”

Mum: “Well, what was the point in you becoming a lawyer if you can’t help me?”

(She hung up on me without even saying goodbye.)

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