Never Discount The Customer’s Ability To Complain

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(I’m heading to the checkout of a clothing store with one item. A lady with a full buggy cuts me off. I see that she has one enormous item with a few smaller ones, so I don’t say anything in the hope that she’ll get through quickly. I don’t pay any more attention until I hear the cashier call for a manager.)

Cashier: *to manager* “She has a coupon for a free item when she has [total]. I scanned it, but it won’t go through.”

(I can see the screen from where I’m standing, and see that due to heavy discounting and another coupon, the customer hasn’t made [total]. But I keep quiet.)

Manager: *punches a few buttons and says to cashier* “Because of the percent-off coupon, she didn’t have [total] for the free gift, but I gave it to her, anyway.”

(The cashier nods and goes on with the transaction, but the customer speaks up loudly, ignoring the cashier’s request to swipe her card and sign.)

Customer: “You had [the large item] on sale, a 30% off coupon, and the free gift all in the same flyer. You shouldn’t do that!”

(The cashier asks her to swipe her card; the customer ignores this and keeps going on loudly.)

Customer: “There’s too many discounts! There’s too many discounts!”

(The customer finally completes the transaction and leaves, muttering about too many discounts all the way out the door.)

Me: *to cashier* “I’ve never heard someone complain about paying less!”

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