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Never Bready For This Much Stupid

, , , | Right | August 12, 2021

I work in my local supermarket in the bakery department. We employ bakers who bake fresh bread every morning before we open. I then slice, bag, and put the bread on the shelf once it is cooled. Near me is a rack of also fresh bread that won’t fit on the shelf.

Customer: “Hey, where is your fresh bread?”

Me: “Right here, sir. I just finished stocking.”

I point to the shelf.

Customer: “No, that’s yesterday’s bread. I want today’s bread.”

Me: “Which is right here, sir.”

The customer now notices my bread rack.

Customer: “Ah, there it is; that’s today’s fresh bread. See, I knew you had it. I don’t want yesterday’s bread.”

Me: *Thinking* “If you did, I could go get it before it gets thrown in the dumpster.”

I just love when these people who I’ve never met and have never worked here tell me the bread isn’t fresh. Sigh.

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