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Never Bothered With The Cold Anyway

| Learning | May 25, 2015

(I’m covering for another instructor’s class. One of the little girls is obsessed with Frozen.)

Me: “Hi, everyone. My name is Anna, and I’ll be teaching you today!”

Student: “You’re Anna? Then I’ll be Elsa! I’m going to be a princess today, and I’ll have icy powers!”

(We start climbing into the pool. It’s fairly cold, which is unusual.)

Student: “I’m making the pool warmer with my icy powers!” *makes swishing gestures with her hands*

Me: “Are you getting rid of the cold water and making ice?”

Student: “No!”

Me: “Are you making the pool into an ice cube to warm it up?”

Student: “Yes!”

(The parents on deck were very amused.)

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