Never Bet Against IT

| Alberta, Canada | Working | March 7, 2013

User: “I don’t have Word or Excel.”

Me: “Yes you do. Click start, go to All Programs, then Microsoft Office. It’s all there.”

User: “It’s not there. I’ve looked everywhere for the programs.”

Me: “Wanna make a bet?”

User: “Okay! How about a coffee? I take mine black…”

Me: “…and I’ll take an English Toffee!”

(We get to the user’s workstation. With him watching, I show him exactly where Word and Excel are located. It’s right where I told him.)

User: “Oh, there! I was looking in Devices and Printers!”

Me: *slapping user on the back* “No problem. Get me the coffee whenever you want! No rush!”

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