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Never Been Hallo-Weaned Off The Holiday

| Friendly | October 19, 2015

(My husband takes my son out for trick-or-treating, while I stay home and hand out stuff to the trick-or-treaters. I have made my husband a grim reaper costume, complete with a deep-cowled hood, blackout face mask, and black silk gloves. He carries a large cardboard scythe. At one house, the homeowner gives my son his treat, then asks:)

Homeowner: “Who’s that big guy behind you?”

Husband: *in his deepest voice* “I’m his father.”

(The guy yelped, jumped back, and dumped his candy bowl. When they got home, son was bouncing with excitement:)

Son: “Daddy scared a grown-up! Daddy scared a grown-up!”

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