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Network Not Work

, , , | Right | October 20, 2018

(I do technical support for a small cable company that operates in four or five states. An older gentleman is on my phone; one specific channel is not working on all of his TVs. We’ve already run through all the basic troubleshooting, new signals, restarting, etc.)

Me: “Okay, sir, at this point, since you still don’t see that channel, I could either send out a technician—”

Caller: “I don’t want a stranger in my house!”

Me: “…or, as I was going to suggest is the better possibility, call the actual network themselves and see if they are having an outage in your area.”

Caller: “But I pay you. You are my cable company. Fix it right now!”

Me: “Sir, just like we don’t get to choose what shows are played and at what times, there are certain things we cannot control within a single station. If all of your channels had been out, or the HD channels, I would assume this was a signal or wiring issue and request a technician. Since we have already exhausted all basic troubleshooting—”

Caller: “Didn’t I just tell you I don’t want you to send people to snoop around my house? Your job is to fix my cable, so fix it!

Me: “Sir, again, I’m very sorry. I want to help, but you really should call the network at this point…”

(I explain how the signals and networks function, and how I cannot control the networks nor fix issues that they may be having.)

Caller: “That is too complicated! What am I even paying you for? I don’t care how it works; just fix it!

(He wound up escalating to a supervisor who told him the same thing until he hung up. Some people really just can’t live without their TV shows, apparently.)

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