Nepotism Rarely Works Out

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I work at a local sandwich shop. Our manager has recently hired her daughter’s boyfriend and it is going about as well as you might expect. The owners are nice people, but the manager is kind of a snob. She’s the type that only works eight to four, Monday through Friday, no matter what is happening because she’s “management” and the “grunt work isn’t her job.” [Coworker] is lazy and a jerk to customers but the manager has his back.

One Sunday evening, a regular comes in. She always has a special order due to a few dietary requirements but is such a good customer. She comes in during off-peak hours, is polite and happy, and tips fantastically. She even tips extra during holiday seasons, sometimes 100% or more of her bill. 

My new coworker messes up her order by adding meat to a vegetarian order. Then, he tried to pick off the meat instead of just restarting. Then, he added cheese. Nope. The customer has a dairy allergy. Full restart.

I’m catching his mistakes and making him redo it, but each time, he is complaining louder and louder about these “stupid f****** vegans” right in earshot of the customer.

He then tries to hide bacon bits in her food “as a prank.” I kick him off the line to make it myself and tell him I am going to report him. 

Coworker: “Do you remember who I am?”

At this point, the customer pipes up from the counter.

Customer: “Do you know who I am?”

Coworker: “Some entitled Karen who refuses to just pick something off a menu?”

I flipped, told him to shut up, and got her food out “on the house.” She just smiled at me, took out her phone, called someone, and retold the whole story. 

Within fifteen minutes, the manager and owner were both in the shop. [Coworker] was fired on the spot and the manager was told to fill in the shift and the rest of his scheduled shifts since he was “her hire” and the owner didn’t want any shift to be short-handed due to “her mistake”. The manager has since been relieved of hiring duties.

Unbeknownst to all of us, the regular was the owner’s twin sister.

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