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Neither The Customer You Deserve Nor Need Right Now

, , , , | Right | August 10, 2021

I worked in an IMAX theater many moons ago. We were part of a science center, so we only had one screen to show movies. Besides the educational films we showed during the day, we had blockbuster films we showed in the evenings. The current film had an actor who had recently overdosed and died, so tons of people wanted to see his last movie. One night while the movie was playing, a man approached our concessions and ticket stand.

Customer: “Hey, that poster there.”

He points to a ten-foot vinyl poster of the deceased actor.

Customer: “How much is it?

Me: “Um… it’s not for sale. Sorry.

Customer: *Obviously not listening* “No, but how much?

Me: “I, uh, I’m sorry, sir. It’s not for sale.

Customer: “Okay, but how much would you sell it for? I’m a huge fan.”

He opens his phone and plays a sound clip saying, “Why so serious?”

Me: “It’s not mine to sell. I can’t say. I can take your contact info and—

Customer: “No, I want to buy it now.

Me: “Sir, the poster is not for sale. There is no price. You cannot take it.

Customer: “Okay, cool, I hear you. But give me a number.

Me: *Fed up* “Ten million dollars.

Customer: “What?! F*** that!”

The man left and I, thankfully, never heard another word about it.

Question of the Week

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