Neighborhood Cat Watch

, , , | Hopeless | May 11, 2016

(As a teenager, I was bullied at school. The bullying lasted four years and it traumatized me to the point I have now a hard time trusting people. Now I live in my own apartment with a cute, very friendly cat. My cat disappears one night and I worry a lot. I remember I have the phone number of a neighbor. I’m phoning her answering machine.)

Me: “Hello, I’m sorry to bother you. I’m Ms. [My Name] and my young calico cat, [Cat], went missing yesterday. So, I’m wondering if maybe you saw her. Anyway, maybe she’ll be back tonight. Have a nice day!”

(She calls back later.)

Neighbor #1: “Hello, yes, I know this cat! She often asks me for cuddles when I’m back from work! You know what? I know a neighbor who feeds the stray cats around. I’ll tell her everything; maybe she saw her! I think you should make small posters. What do you think?”

Me: “That’s a great idea! Thank you ever so much!”

(I try the small posters method. Then I get another phone call.)

Neighbor #2: “Hello, I’m [Neighbor #2] and I found one of your posters. I’m really sorry for you. I mean, your cat is so lovable; my grandson loves her! If I were you, I would tell my vet and go to [Place].”

Me: “Thank you very much. I’ll do that!”

Neighbor #2: “Also, could you please tell me when she’s back?”

Me: “Of course!”

(In the following days, many neighbors went to me, asked me if my cat was back and gave me some advice about how to get her back. I was really worried, yet I couldn’t believe how kind these people were. Then after three days, my cat came back home on her own, hungry yet unharmed. I sent a collective text message to thank my wonderful neighbors. This was a few weeks ago, yet there are still people who come to me and tell me they’re glad my cat is back!)

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