Negative, Ghost Ryder; My Brain Is Full

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I have just spent a little over an hour on my weekly video chat with my five-year-old goddaughter when she apparently starts getting bored of our games. We do these chats on their kid-friendly tablet that they normally only get to use for long drives and video chats.

Me: “Why did you turn off my video?”

Goddaughter: “I want to watch a video.”

Me: “If you want to watch something, maybe I should say goodbye and hang up.”

Goddaughter: “No! We can talk while I watch something.”

Since she wants me to stay on the video chat, I do, but she is clearly too distracted to engage with me from that point. About ten minutes later, after my last attempt to ask her a question, I get this response.

Goddaughter: “I’m done talking with you, so I’m going to hang up now.”

Me: “Okay, I love you.”

I didn’t even get to finish my sentence before she had hung up. Less than an hour prior, she had been telling me that she loved me so much she planned to marry me when she grew up, and now I’ve been replaced by “Paw Patrol.” Apparently, love can be a fickle and fleeting thing for us godfathers.

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