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Needy A Nintendo

| Learning | December 25, 2017

(My son’s special-ed class is in a school in a ritzy neighborhood. The school is near [Name] Street Southeast.. We live on [Name] Street Northeast in a more middle-class neighborhood. Despite the similar names, these streets are miles apart and not connected. I receive a call right before Christmas.)

Well-Meaning Person: “Hello, I’m calling from [Name] Church. We were out delivering Christmas presents and we couldn’t find your house.”

Me: *very eloquently* “What?”

Well-Meaning Person: “We were delivering Christmas presents to needy children on Saturday and couldn’t find your house. We drove around quite a bit.”

Me: “Who said we were needy?”

Well-Meaning Person: “We asked the school for names of children who would need Christmas presents and they gave us his name.”

Me: *stunned* “But we don’t need Christmas presents! Give them to someone who needs them!”

Well-Meaning Person: “You’re not just being proud are you?”

Me: *still stunned* “He’s getting a Nintendo!”

(Apparently special needs = poverty, to some people.)

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