Needs To Work On Your Excommunication Skills

| Related | January 22, 2015

(My family is slightly religious and rather conservative, while I am a very liberal atheist. At the moment, my parents, grandparents, little sister, and I are chatting. I’ve tuned out and am immersed in a book.)

Grandmother: “So I’ve decided to stop going to [Church]. Everyone I know there has left so it’s not as interesting, and I don’t like the new minister.”

Dad: “What happened to the old one?”

Grandmother: “He got excommunicated for letting his gay son get married.”

Me: *looks up from book* “Seriously? That’s so close-minded! Some people are just infuriating.”

Sister: “Wait, they killed him?!”

Me: “What? No, exCOMMUNICATED, not exECUTED!”

(She honestly thought they’d executed him…)

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