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Needs To Wash Out His Ears

| Friendly | September 5, 2016

(A couple things worth noting are that I am a twenty-something female, and while driving a nice-ish car, am by no means rich. I have just driven back from Phoenix and spent all my cash, some $200, on supplies so I can survive for the month. Thus, when I finally get to the gas station, I resort to using my card, because I really need the gas. This guy sees me with no cash, but expects to try to scam me anyway.)

Man: *walks over to my car with a squeegee*

Me: *shakes head no* “NO, THANK YOU!”

Man: *ignores me*

(I try a couple more times as he moves along the front of my car, but each time he ignores me. And each time, he makes that section of the window worse than it was before.)

Me: *tries one last time, sighs, and gives up*

Man: *finishes*

(At this point, I turn on my car and start to drive away, pretending it was just a good deed, but he taps on my car so I reluctantly roll down the window.)

Man: “Ma’am? I am trying to save up for a hotel room.” *looks expectantly*

Me: “I am sorry. I don’t have any cash.”

Man: *gives dirty look*

(I drove away, feeling a little bad, since he was at least trying to earn money rather than just beg for it. But maybe ask before you touch someone’s car next time? Because I am sure not paying for a service I didn’t agree to, and I might’ve actually gone to the ATM if you had EXPLAINED yourself before and not ignored me.)

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