Needs To (Staff) Turnover A New Leaf

| USA | Right | July 17, 2017

(I have just recently started working at a local fast food restaurant as a summer job. I am not completely familiar with the register yet so I am a bit slow. There are two customers in line and I am the only one at the front counter. I am also a teenager, going from sophomore to junior.)

Customer #1: “Hello, I’d like a [Burger].”

(I begin ringing them up but am having some difficulty; it takes a bit longer than it should do.)

Me: “Sorry for the wait, ma’am. I’m still new here and getting a hang of things. I hope you aren’t in any hurry.”

Customer #2: “Well, it’s about god-d*** time! I’ve been waiting here for forever!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am; I’ll try to do better on your order.”

Customer #2: “No! I want someone competent! Get someone older!”

(I find a more experienced worker, only one year older than me but much older looking. We also know each other from school.)

Coworker: “Hello, ma’am, how can I help you?”

Customer #2: “Finally someone around here who can do their job. These f****** teenagers are so useless; I bet he’s only working here to fuel his drug abuse or something.”

(My coworker rings her up and gets her order for her.)

Customer #2: “Thank you. Now, you ought to go tell your manager to stop hiring these useless little morons.”

Coworker: “I’ll make sure to do that; I’m sure he’ll be perfectly happy to fire half the staff, including the assistant manager.”

Customer #2: “Humph!”

(She stormed out of the store and forgot her food.)

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  • Mushroom

    Cust2: You ought to stop hiring these useless little morons.
    Coworker: What we really need to do is get rid of the moronic insulting customers such as yourself.
    Cust2: Humph!
    Everyone: {applause)

    What part of “fast food is a lot of people’s first job” does this person not get?

    Also, who is abusing the drugs if that rather mild exchange upset the customer enough to forget their food? Something is fishy and it ain’t the Fillet O’ Fish.

    • Cathrope


    • Ophelia

      As far as they’re concerned, they don’t care that it’s someone’s first job. It’s not their problem.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    The restaurant got their money, the corworker made a perfect comeback AND the customer left by themself? Damn this story is perfect! I’m going to tear up.

    • Asiyd

      “left by itself” … I’m dying laughing over here XD

      • Frédéric Purenne

        >_> Okay? Can someone tell me what’s funny?

        • Ophelia

          “Itself” is a genderless pronoun, so the phrase “the customer left by itself” indicates the customer is genderless (as in an object).

          • Darth Pseudonym

            ‘It’ doesn’t always mean genderless/object. It can also be used for sentient creatures that aren’t people but have a gender which might even be obvious from the context. Like if I’m talking about my cow and I say something about “its udder”, you know it’s a female, but I’m using ‘it’ because I’m excluding it from being a person. (And similarly when you refer to your dog as ‘he’, you’re granting it personhood.)

          • Ophelia

            True, but deliberately referring to a person as an “it” usually identifies them as an object to the speaker. (At least that’s how I would typically see it used.)

          • Darth Pseudonym

            I dunno, I usually read that as the speaker considering the target an animal, not worthy of inclusion with humanity.

          • Ophelia

            I definitely see that too. (I more commonly see people refer to animals with gender pronouns when they know the gender of the animal though, with “it” falling out of use about ten years ago.)

        • Darth Pseudonym

          Typically ‘them’ is the gender-unknown singular pronoun, while ‘it’ implies a lack of personhood.

          • Frédéric Purenne

            Oh thanks. So… it’s “left by themselves” or “left by themself” it’s singular?

          • Darth Pseudonym

            That’s right.

        • Asiyd

          Itself… she’s not even worthy of the gender descriptor XD

          • Nightshade1972

            There was an incident on FB not long ago where someone was behaving so idiotically I referred to them as “it.” I was immediately attacked for being “transphobic,” which is hilarious because someone close to me is in the process of transitioning. When I mentioned the incident to them, they thought it was funny too, and they agreed with me that the “transphobic” accuser needed to get over themselves.

          • Asiyd

            I’d love to have seen that trans phobic accuser person’s reactions to someone that prefers the pronoun “it” …. because I know they exist.

  • Kitty

    “Finally someone around here who can do their job.
    These f****** teenagers are so useless; I bet he’s only working here to
    fuel his drug abuse or something.”
    *Coworker turns to leave*
    “Hey, where are you going?”
    “Well, according to you, ‘f***ing teenagers’ like I don’t know how to do this job, so…” *leaves*

  • Luxornv

    People love the stereotype that teens working, especially fast food, are incompetent, useless idiots. I worked at a movie theatre in high school and some old lady yelled at me when it tool me a few seconds longer to mentally calculate get change. Nevermind we were in the middle of a long rush and I had been quickly helping everyone in front of her. I also happened to have just finished taking calculus.

    • Erin

      Not just teens that are working. From my experience people tend to look down on teens as a whole. If they’re not working, they’re useless. If they are working, they’re incompetent. If they’re depressed, “What does someone your age even have to worry about?” If they question anything someone older says to them or correct a fact about what they’re saying, it’s either “respect your elders” or “you’re just a stupid teenager, what would you know” If they have issues with their parents, it’s always the teen’s fault, because clearly they’re just angsty teens and parents are always 100% correct. Not that teens aren’t ever difficult, angsty, or stupid, but people shouldn’t stop treating a teen as a person just because they’re teen.

      • Ophelia

        Sounds like to them, the only good teenagers are the smart, loyal, obedient, and athletic ones who will do everything adults ask them to do, quickly and with a smile. In other words, they want teenagers to act like dogs.

      • Yes. Yes to all of that. I had someone tell me when I was a teenager that they couldn’t wait for me to turn 30 so I’d realize I had no idea what I was talking about back then.

        Well, I’ve recently turned 34 and I still agree with what I was saying to them. I don’t think anyone is automatically better or smarter than I am just because they were born before me.

        • Abigail Hermione Irwin

          I’m 60 and I still agree with a lot of what I thought back then (not all of it, of course!) and what a lot of young people are saying these days. Age is no guarantee of maturity or wisdom … or lack of same.

        • What’s especially fun is when you’re an adult who can more often than not still pass for 14, and someone tries the “well what do you know you’re just a kid” and you respond with “actually I’m 40”

          • Aw, now that’d both be great and annoying at the same time. Not to be taken seriously because you look young, but then to see the look on their faces when they learn your actual age? Awesome.

            I got carded constantly in my 20’s, even for stuff teenagers can buy. But then the lovely grays started coming in and now no one ever IDs me. Fine by me!

          • I have a pair of skunk stripes so when they started coming in I thought the same thing, but nope just my luck my grey is silver white instead of dull grey, so I still get clocked for 14 because people think I bleached the stripes to be punk

          • Oh geez, but that’s pretty funny. My grays are more like white these days, which is a weird contrast with my naturally dark hair. But seem to working lately to not make me seem so young.

      • Elle Wayne

        Hit the nail on the head. In fact, many cases of abuse against teens, by adults or other teens, are dismissed because of these stereotypes. Especially in cases of teen dating violence, for which many adults assume “they’re too young to be serious” or “it’s puppy love” and don’t take seriously a teen’s report that their boyfriend or girlfriend hits them. Funny how those same people tend to instantly believe reports that the teen is doing drugs or “the deed.”

      • Abigail Hermione Irwin

        A LOT of it is stereotype. And yet they’re the same ones who would raise the roof if you used (for example) the confused elderly driver who runs up on the sidewalk and plows through a crowd of people as an explanation for why anybody over 60 shouldn’t be allowed to drive. Somehow it’s perfectly okay to generalize when it’s younger people, but not them, of course.

        For the record, I’m 60 and I hope to heaven I can recognize when it’s time for me to hand in my licence … and if I can’t, I hope somebody else will remove it from me on my behalf.

    • Gnomer Denois

      They also like to claim that such jobs are only for teenagers to get pocket money and experience and adults should have better paying jobs and that’s why those jobs shouldn’t pay more. If they ever listened to their own arguments they’d end up in a heated debate with themselves and the rest of us could more easily avoid them.

      • Asiyd

        I pray for this day every day ;-;

      • Elle Wayne

        Yep. Also: “Teens are so lazy, they should get a job and learn some responsibility.” “Ugh, why are these teenagers working here?! Probably fueling their drug habit!”

      • BrickBat

        People have been complaining about teenagers since the heydays of the Greek and Roman empires. The secret is to know it for what it is (insecurities about their own generation) and try not to do so yourself when you get that age.

      • Abigail Hermione Irwin

        Totally ignoring the fact that many people in these jobs are not out for pocket money alone, regardless of their age.

    • Abigail Hermione Irwin

      I qualify as an “old lady” (age 60) and I’ve often wanted to ask these buggers if they have EVER worked a day in their own lives, because from the way they carry on, they’d have a heart attack within 15 minutes of trying to deal with the public … especially when they people screaming at them about how useless they are.

      • Akamar

        In some cases, especially if they are indeed teenagers, it probably IS their first day.

  • Ophelia

    What did Customer #2 do during her teenage years then? Every adult was once a teenager. (Unless they’re a robot or a magical construct or an imaginary friend or otherwise already an adult during creation.)

  • allahboleh

    Anyone else get the feeling the stories are an amalgam rather than a story of an actual event?

    (She stormed out of the store and forgot her food.)

    I just cannot imagine that happening

    • Hahn Ackles

      I can. I’ve literally seen it happen. Not the exact story, but an upset customer storming out without something important, like an entire bag of groceries they paid for before they started insulting one of my cashiers…

  • FU2

    ‘you ought to go tell your manager to stop hiring these useless little morons’
    ‘No ma’am, we ain’t hiring you’
    *troll face here*

  • sackes

    “Finally someone around here who can do their job. These f****** teenagers are so useless; I bet he’s only working here to fuel his drug abuse or something.”

    Coworker starts taking order and fumbling on the register, picking up register’s manual several times, and making several “mistakes” so (s)he must redo the order. At the same time I was able to help five customers, even though I was slow…

  • Matt Westwood

    Customer #2: “Well, it’s about god-d*** time! I’ve been waiting here for forever!”

    Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am; your order can’t be fulfilled. We are unable to serve anybody who is dissatisfied with our service, as it would detract from their eating experience. Have a nice day.”

  • Chelsie Matson

    That’s also the type of person who wants minuimin wage to be set at $8/hr. Teens aren’t good enough for the job, but the “ones who are” don’t deserve a pair pay.

    That logic is so asinine.

  • Abigail Hermione Irwin

    “Only if that also means we can stop serving morons, ma’am, in which case you will be Number One on our list. Thank you, here’s your order, have a nice day.”

  • Akamar

    My understanding is that fast food jobs are SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED for teenagers, to give them work experience and pocket money!

  • I can appreciate her disdain for people in their teenage years, seeing as her own experience clearly did her no favors.

  • KC

    I bet he or she also screams at a robot answering machine for a person when trying to contact customer service.

    Be careful what you wish for folks! Be thankful you aren’t having a worse time with a computer!

  • Passenger_Zero

    OP was being nice as pie so I don’t know why that woman was being rude.

  • Martin

    Why do you people allow customers to swear at you?
    If someone swears during a transaction I remind them to mind their language, if they do it again I refuse service.