Needs To Slow-Mo Down

| Romantic | December 29, 2013

(I just sent my boyfriend a link to a gif of B-Mo from Adventure Time.)

Boyfriend: “B-Mo! If you dressed him in black and white stripes, he would be Bee-Mo!”

Me: “When he’s really happy, he’s Glee-Mo.”

Boyfriend: “When he’s sad, is he E-Mo?”

Me: “When he’s dragged behind a boat, he’s Ski-Mo. When he’s going to the bathroom, he’s Pee-Mo. When he looks like me, he’s Me-Mo. When he’s a tiny bug, he’s Flea-Mo. When he’s a girl, he’s She-Mo. When he’s out in the ocean, he’s Sea-Mo. When he’s being cheesy, he’s Brie-Mo. When he’s not in prison, he’s Free-Mo. When he’s drinking a chai latte, he’s Tea-Mo. When he unlocks doors, he’s Key-Mo. When there’s two more of him, he’s Three-Mo. When he sprouts leaves, he’s Tree-Mo.”

Boyfriend: “That is wonderful!”

Me: “I think I’m all out.”

Boyfriend: “I think I love you!”

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