Needs To See A Different Kind Of Doctor

| Ireland | Friendly | April 27, 2015

(My friend has just returned from a trip to London and is letting me decide between two key rings she has bought as souvenirs for both me and another friend.)

Friend: *showing me the two silver key rings* “Okay, so, you have to choose between the two of them.”

Me: “Ooh! The first one is really cute because it has Big Ben on it but I like the second one better!”

Friend: *noticing that there is only one small difference between the two key rings* “Why? There’s not much of a difference between the two?”

Me: “Yeah but the second one has a Tardis one it! A Tardis trumps Big Ben any day!”

Friend: “…You mean a telephone box?”

(My friend now laughs every time she sees the key ring.)

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