Needs To Make War To Get A Refund

| Working | September 16, 2016

(After a long, arduous affair, I decided to finally put my online gaming account down. I’ve already preordered the next expansion and so I thought I’d put in a ticket to get a refund since I will literally never use it.)

GM: “Greetings! This is Game Master [Name]! I see you’re leaving us and you’d like a refund. Sorry to hear that.”

Me: “It’s okay. It’s been a long time coming, I think, and this is for the best. I figure since it’s digital and not even out yet maybe you can help me out.”

GM: “Unfortunately, we can’t. The pre-patch is out now and we can’t do refunds for it any longer as a result.”

Me: “That seems a little arbitrary. Most people didn’t even know anything about gameplay until this pre-patch, right? Plus, I mean, it’s digital. It’s not like I have a copy waiting for me on a shelf.”

GM: “I understand your frustration. Unfortunately we do have to protect our interests. I see you were even civil in your ‘reason why you’re quitting.’”

Me: “Well, it’s not your fault I’m frustrated. What, if I would have been angry would you have given me the refund?”

GM: “Erm, I can’t directly discuss our policies, but we are usually told to rush problem customers away however we can…”

Me: “Did I just need to cuss you out? F***in’ f*** mother*** f***?”

GM: “That’s unfortunately going to end our conversation. I do wish I could have helped.”

(I’m totally on the GM’s side, but man, what a policy.)

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