Needs To Make A Clean Break From The Job

| Working | August 15, 2016

(I work as a caretaker for disabled individuals. My position involves only one specific client whom I directly support. He is known for being very unhygienic. He refuses my support and does not want me around. My client lives in a cluster program so when he refuses my support, I spend my time helping other clients.)

Team Leader: “[Client]’s suite is very dirty. I need you to mop and sweep his floors, the hallway, and clean his bathroom.”

Me: “I was hired as a support worker. I provide support for [Client]; I am not his housekeeper or maid. I will not be doing his chores unless he’s there for me to support him. If he refuses my support, there is nothing I can do.”

Team Leader: “It doesn’t matter whether he’s there or not. It’s not about you being a maid. You’re getting paid to do this so if you don’t want to clean up after him, I’ll just move you to another program.”

(I don’t want to move to another program as this one is conveniently close to my home and I’m tight on money so it saves me a lot of gas. I’m unhappy about this matter but I decide to listen to the team leader anyway to avoid further conflict. The next day, I immediately start to clean his suite at the start of my shift. I spend two solid hours wiping boogers, urine, and feces off of his walls and floors. I do his dishes, put away his clothes/personal belongings, clean, mop, and sweep his bathroom, bedroom, living area, kitchen, and hallway while my client sat on his couch and watched me clean. My blood is boiling at this point but I grit my teeth and suck it up. My client leaves to have a smoke and my coworker walks in.)

Coworker: “What are you doing? You’re not supposed to be cleaning the suite for him. That’s his job. You’re just here to help him.”

Me: “…”

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