Needs To Keep Account Of The Books

| Working | August 19, 2015

Solicitor: “Ma’am, I’m calling about a special deal we have for your book! You can have a sky banner on [Well-known Reading Website]. It will be right there, and people can get information on your book with no more than nine clicks! You will make 20% on each sale!”

Me: “How many books would you expect me to sell that way, and what does the banner cost?”

Solicitor: “You could sell up to 25 books a month, and the banner is only $524!”

Me: “So for ‘only’ $524, I can make $48?”

Solicitor: “But think of the exposure you’ll get! One of our authors just won the Cannes award for best movie after her book made the best-seller list! This is invaluable!”

Me: “You do know that my book is a how-to book on RV-ing? I doubt that anyone will make a movie about it.”

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