Needs To Give It A Rest(room)

, , , | Right | October 24, 2019

Caller: “We would like to go walk around the historic district, but it looks like there is not transportation down there. So, we would have to walk, correct?”

Me: “Yes, that is correct.”

Caller: “We want to visit some historic homes. Do you know if they have restrooms?”

Me: “I know that [Museum] has restrooms, but most of the historic homes do not just because of the nature of the buildings.”

Caller: “Right, right. So, what do you suggest?”

Me: “When you come into town, we actually have a guide to public restrooms in the area-“

Caller: “And I can pick that up at the visitors center?”

Me: “Yes, you can.”

Caller: “You said [Museum] has a restroom, but the others don’t?”

Me: “Well, yes, generally, although there are quite a few public restrooms in the area. There’s one in the market–“

Caller: “You mean the big central market?”

Me: “Yes, the city market–“

Caller: “But that’s several blocks away, young lady.”

Me: “Okay, there are also several parking garages down there with public restrooms, and city hall has some, as well–“

Caller: *loud, exasperated sigh* “Well, this is just not helpful at all. Goodbye.”

(Did she expect me to create more bathrooms out of thin air?)

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