Needs To Do A Self-Check On Yourself

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(My coworker and I are working at the self-checkouts. Our self-checkouts are located next to a deli and eating area that are separated from the checkouts by a half-wall. It is a busy Saturday morning and there are a lot of people eating breakfast in the deli. A customer and his wife are using the self-checkouts. When there is a weight issue with the machines, it takes about a second for the issue to register on our computers that control the checkouts; items won’t scan unless the issue is cleared. A weight issue just appeared on our screen when…)

Customer: “HEY! Can’t you see we need help?!”

(My coworker rushes over to see that it is a weight problem. He then starts to walk back to our computer to clear the issue.)

Customer: “Don’t you walk away from me!”

(My coworker clears the issue and goes back to the customer to explain what happened. A few people eating in the deli start to notice the man’s behavior.)


(Now everyone notices this guy and starts staring at him. He starts to slam his items on the self-checkout’s scanner.)

Customer:  “Your d*** machines don’t work!”

(As soon as I start to go over to try to help, a different customer who just came in the door asks where the store’s copy machine is. I try to give him directions amidst the other customers ranting and raving. My coworker attempts to show the man what the problem is and how to not have it happen again.)

Customer: “Don’t you tell me what to do! You fix the d*** thing! I can’t help it if it doesn’t work!”

(The customer and his wife head towards the exits when a customer who was eating at the deli comes over to the wall.)

Customer #2: “Hey buddy! You don’t get good service by being a p***k to people. You’re a douche.”

Customer: “Yeah, yeah.”

(After that incident, a few people came up to us and told us that they wanted to say something to the guy but were too afraid. One lady said she wanted to do a citizen’s arrest on him!)

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