Needs To Commission A Better Attitude

| Working | April 2, 2015

(I perform administrative duties for the salespeople at my company. If a salesperson takes out a client for business entertainment purposes, the company will pay for some of it, but a portion of the cost is deducted from their commission. One salesperson, is particularly high maintenance…)

Me: “Is [Client] related to this limo expense?”

Salesperson: “Noooo, they didn’t use it!”

Me: “Well, [Vendor] billed us, so…”

Salesperson: “My client was waiting forever so we took [Alternative Car Service].”

(I call the vendor and talk to a sharp representative who reads me the system notes: Limo scheduled to pick up at 10:00 pm, reservation cancelled at 9:55 pm. Cost of drivers time, fuel, and other fees fully billable as per policy.)

Me: “You said the client was waiting a long time for the ride? I called [Vendor] and they’re telling me you cancelled 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up.”

Salesperson: *not happy that this is going to be deducted from her commissions* “Well, yes, but my client was in a rush so we just flagged the first taxi we saw.”

Me: “Okay, but imagine if someone did that to our business and it affected our bottom line, after we already invested time and money. I have to agree with [Vendor].”

Salesperson: “I know, but he ultimately didn’t use the service. Could you please, please call them and try to dispute this?” *phony smile*

Me: “Sure.”

(I go back to my desk. Go through a few emails. Process a few requests for other departments. Look off into space. Then I come back to her.)

Me: “Sorry! I was on the phone for almost an hour! I spoke to a representative, and held for two different managers! Unfortunately they simply won’t budge!” *exasperated sigh followed by phony smile*

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